An apology regarding our email updates

Our email updates were incomplete over the last six weeks. We sent the following in an email to affected users today.

You may have noticed that you were not getting all of the GovTrack email updates that you signed up for. Starting in mid-June and until earlier this week our email updates were not working correctly — and for that we apologize.

On June 15 we made a modification to our email updates that resulted in some users not receiving all of the events they signed up to track. And by “some users” we mean possibly up to 29,000 of our users, including you. If you were tracking a Member of Congress for votes or sponsored bills, or if you were tracking bills using our new(ish) “keyword search” tracker, you may not have received any email updates during this time or you may not have been alerted to all of the legislative events that you were tracking.

We only corrected the problem after it was brought to our attention by a user earlier this week (thanks Michael!). You should be getting all of your email updates correctly now.