GovTrack’s Winter/Spring Updates

Here’s what new on GovTrack since December…

We’ve made the bill pages a little more friendly (example):

  • Bill status & progress is now explained through icons.
  • The sponsor of each bill now includes a big photo.
  • There’s also a preview thumbnail of the bill’s text.
  • And we’ve added more prominent links to related bills, since they are often important for understanding the context of a bill.

Elsewhere on the site:

  • There’s a new committee meetings calendar page which shows all upcoming meetings that we know about in chronological order.
  • When you register we ask for your address to we can get your congressional district… but we’re not using this information on the website yet…
  • We tried to make unsubscribing on account pages easier to understand.
  • The site’s overall layout has been tweaked to expand a little wider on large screens.
  • Earlier this year we published report cards for Members of Congress.

And behind the scenes:

  • Six bills since 1973 were enacted without being signed by the president or being vetoed. They became enacted by the “10 days (Sundays Excepted)” rule in the Constitution. We had been showing the wrong status for these bills. The most recent was in 1995.
  • All of our bill data, now including historical data, comes from the congress project on github, a community project we maintain with other organizations.
  • The API now has CORS enabled & all responses are now cached.


  1. Excellent work!

    I especially like the central diagram showing where it is in the process, it’s easy to forget all the steps, especially since it can take a long time for bills to go anywhere.


  2. Do you also have a page that shows how each member of the House or Senate voted on each Bill or Resolution? Also, I would like to know how members are inclined to vote before they vote as well as how they voted on each important bill, so that I can support or reject their position as a comment to them. Do you have a page for this information?


  3. I’m having difficulty locating the votes on amendments to bills as well as the amendments’ wording.


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