Legislative status during the shutdown

Since we don’t know how long the federal government shutdown will last, here’s a brief run-down of how the shutdown will affect GovTrack:

  • We’re not a government website, as you hopefully know, so we’re still operating.
  • We get our bill status information from THOMAS.gov, which is run by the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress has furloughed its staff that collect and curate information on the status of legislation. We’re not sure what that means for what information will update. Some information about bills on GovTrack is probably now frozen in time.
  • We’re told the House will continue publishing voting records like normal.
  • The Senate isn’t publishing their voting records correctly. No word from them on what the deal is. (Updated on Oct. 2.)
  • The Government Printing Office has indicated they remain operating, which means we should receive updated bill text as it is made available.
We are disappointed that the Library of Congress deemed their Congress.gov staff non-essential.


  1. Hi. Thank you for being diligent in your work. Do you know whether Congress members get paid during the shutdown? Perhaps they get paid a reduced salary?


  2. Keep up the good work and thank you for providing this site that adds clarity to a very complex political system!


  3. I want to let all of our so-called leaders know how disappointing and disgusting their actions have been…. They all need to be replaced with leaders not incompetence.


  4. I have NEVER been as disappointed in the individuals who

    are supposed to be the “best and brightest” in charge of

    our democratic government as I am now. I am totally non

    partisan. I regularly vote for the individual who will be

    instrumental in caring for our citizens of our great

    country. There are courageous men and women who

    are in harms way and who are putting their lives on the

    line every day to defend us. You have squandered billions

    on wars that we have no chance of winning Vietnam and

    Afghanistan have been the the worst in my 63 years.

    I don’t want to hear about the “fiscal cliff” or “debt

    ceiling”. You are responsible for furloughs and for the

    sequestration of our people. We elect you and we trust

    that you will do the best job that you can to be fair.We

    absolutely need universal health care coverage and

    now you’re engaged in a collective tantrum and a

    “spitting contest”. The spit has now landed on your

    face and I am ashamed of all of you-Republicans,

    Democrats, and the two Independents.It has been said

    that “courage is the ability to face the worst that can

    be imagined”. Do your job. Standing and blabbing for

    hours is totally non – productive. Your only motivation

    is to make yourself look more diligent. Don’t stand

    around and wring your hands. I expect each of you to

    HONESTLY compromise.

    I’ll wrap this up now but when the next election comes

    around I will not vote for one incumbent.I have given

    you as many chances that you are entitled to.

    I do have one more piece of advice. Don’t waste any

    time impeaching President Obama. He has accomplished

    some significant changes whether you agree with them

    or not. Show some courage. You’ll sleep better.


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