Winter 2013 Updates 1

We’ve added historical information on bills from 1951-1978 and made some other improvements to the site recently. Here are the details:

  • Using the Statutes at Large, the compilation of laws enacted by Congress, we’ve added enacted bills from 1951-1972 into GovTrack. For example, here’s Civil Rights Act of 1964 (H.R. 7151 in the 88th Congress). You can search and browse them on the advanced search page.
  • We also added bills and resolutions from the 93-95th Congresses (1973-1978). Previously we only went back to the 96th Congress (1979-1980).
  • To explain the new data, we added a new coverage table to the About page.
  • When you share a bill or vote page on Facebook, it’ll now include a thumbnail image.
  • We improved the account settings page. That’s the page when you click your email address at the top of the page, if you’re logged in.
  • On pages for Members of Congress, there’s now a link to their page on the C-SPAN website, where you can see videos of their floor speeches. Try with Sen. Mary Landrieu. (Thanks to The New York Times for contributing the data.)
  • Fixed bill search so you can search by bill number without having to type periods and spaces, like “hr1234.”
  • You can now also track the changes we make to GovTrack on github.