Welcome to the 113th Congress

Yesterday the 113th Congress was sworn in and began filing bills. Here’s how that affects GovTrack and other updates to the site this week.

For the 113th Congress:

  • We updated our roster of Members of Congress and maps.
  • New bills and votes began showing up on GovTrack today.
  • The House and Senate haven’t posted committee assignments yet for the new Congress. For the moment we’ll continue to display the committee assignments of the previous Congress.
There have also been a number of changes on GovTrack as we continue to improve the site:
  • If a bill has a related bill with more recent action, the related bill is highlighted at the top of the bill page.
  • The House Republican Conference writes summaries of many bills. We’re now including those summaries on bill pages so that you can get some additional background on bills (e.g. for H.Res. 5).
  • Vote pages were cut-off on mobile devices. This is fixed.
  • There is a new methodology page for all of our statistical analysis. I’ll write more about that in another post.
  • Maps look better in old versions of Internet Explorer.
  • And various other small changes.


  1. Many committees have announced member lists, or at least committee and subcommittee leaders, but these lists are coming out haphazardly, in a mix of press releases and news reports. Are you aware of anybody with a centralized list of these early reports? Thanks.


  2. Isn’t it possible to create such a centralized list of leaders and report?

    Is it possible to assemble such a list


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