Site Updates – Summer 2012 #1

Busy as always, we’ve got some more new things on GovTrack this month:

  • Congressional District Maps now include redistricting maps for the upcoming elections. Except for Rhode Island — we’re still working on locating the new districts there. You can switch back and forth between your current district and the district you’ll be voting in this November.
  • The bills page has a new Statistics Tab where you can compare the number of bills enacted in each Congressional session since 1979 and see when during a session bills tend to be introduced and enacted.
  • The site now works better on mobile devices with small screen, and we’ll keep improving that.
  • Bill text comparisons are now available for comparisons between versions of a single bill and between selected different but related bills.
  • The font size has been increased throughout the site in response to feedback we got early on when the new site design went live in March.
  • The search pages have been fixed to work on Internet Explorer, they are faster, and got some other usability tweaks.


  1. What are these Democrat leaning strictly political advertisements [e.g., vote for McCaskill, stuff against Todd Aiken] doing on a government website?


  2. Erik- Since your current Members of Congress are based on 2010 districts, I probably won’t update that until 2013. However, I may launch a new site for redistricting soonish. Stay tuned.

    Brian- I don’t have any plans to post new printable maps at the moment, but if your employer wants to hire me to do it I would consider it. 🙂


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