Check out the new colors

In January I decided to start over. GovTrack has been doing well since it launched almost seven years ago, but the site has gotten to be such a mess in its internals that I haven’t been able to create new cool things for a long time. At the start of this year I decided to start a long process of creating a new and better GovTrack 2.0 from scratch. What you see today are some design changes that came out of that process, a half-way  step between the old and the new.

For GovTrack 2.0 I hired a new designer and two new developers, and I’m excited for what’s in store. But it’s going to be a while longer before it’s done, so thanks for your patience!



  1. A very nice, clean and well presented interface. Congrats to you and the design team for a job nicely done.


  2. The new colors are soft to the eye. So far, the pages are looking crisp and clean. I happened to “stumble” across this site and I’m glad I did. Thanks for a terrific site.


  3. New design and color scheme organization work nicely. Congrats to the new members of the team as well as the old. Thanks for an amazing political site! I can’t wait for full 2.0 implementation!


  4. Neat. I like the new skin. I’m looking forward to seeing the full 2.0 changelog when you guys finish up (no hurry), and thanks for all your work on the project!


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