GovTrack On The Go (For Android Phones)

If you’re a mobile wonk, you’ll be interested to know about the new Congress app which lets you browse bill status from your Android phone. Built by the Sunlight Foundation () and based on GovTrack’s legislative database, the free app is constantly being improved and is very cool.

Search for Congress

in the App Market.

The features (copied from Sunlight’s page):

  • Read the latest bills, laws, and see what bills were recently voted on.
  • Find members of Congress by using your phone’s location, a zipcode, a last name, or a state.
  • Read tweets and watch videos from members’ Twitter and YouTube accounts.
  • Reply to a member of Congress on Twitter from within the app, using your own account.
  • Read the latest news about them, using theĀ .



  1. I have this app for my G1, its fantastic. I’d really love to see an app like this for a windows mobile (Smartphone), with the same functionality. Keep up the good work!


  2. Just downloaded and installed on my EVO 4G. Very nice app so far. Great way to keep up with Congress while on the go.


  3. The Android App is awesome! I found it by chance just digging through your site. You should consider advertising the app on the main page with a barcode link (that’s what app people like). I’ll use the Android App all the time now. Love it!


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