Congressional Staff Salaries

This week the House posted for the first time an electronic version of their master expense report. The report details the pay of everyone employed by Congress, from the Members of Congress to their staff, and other staff in Congress.

The folks over at Sunlight Foundation have out of the House’s 3,300-page report. We can now see average salaries for different types of staff. Chiefs of staff top off at an average approximate salary of $120,052, with legislative correspondents — the staff members that read constituent mail — coming in near the bottom at $31,951.

The fact that the House has posted this document online at all is a great step forward for transparency, and signals that House leadership (i.e. Speaker Pelosi) understands that a big part of government transparency is putting the raw numbers up online for anyone to read. This is an important example of how to do transparency through technology, though it is not a perfect case. I’ve written this over on my personal blog.