Two Facebook Apps Based on GovTrack

Bring your participation in government to Facebook with two new Facebook apps, RepresentedBy and Laws I Like. These apps, written by some other civic hackers, are based (in part) on congressional data shared by GovTrack.

, by , lets you post to your profile a box with who represents you in Congress, shows the latest bills and news related to them. You can also challenge your friends to see if they know their Members of Congress, and it has an interesting metric of how digitally-transparent your Members of Congress are.  The app was an honorable mention in .

, by Chris Poliquin, lets you search for bills, vote on them, and then post your votes to your profile to tell your friends what they should get their Members of Congress to support or oppose. You can also see what bills your friends have voted on.

These are listed now on the revised page on GovTrack.

OpenCongress also has which is similar to the above two (and OpenCongress is also based on GovTrack data).



  1. Good to know! now maybe I can get a better understanding of how to utilize link on my Facebook profile, along with the iPhone app “my government”. Look forward to checking the apps referenced by you and appreciate the effort put into these projects!


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