Collaborative Letter Update

Our experiment in creating a group letter to Congress

opposing HR 45, a gun control bill, is nearing its final stage, and I’ve been very impressed with the process. (I announced the experiment in March.) Plus we’re starting up two more letters. Read on for how to sign on to the letter, and for more.

The letter opposing HR 45, our first experiment with group writing, resulted in a letter collaboratively written by 450 people! We took on this experiment because Congress can’t keep up with the volume of letters it receives. We wanted to try a novel way of aggregating voices, without using a simple petition. Right now we’re collecting signatures for the letter so that Members of Congress know that people stand behind it, and I’m going to shortly figure out who to deliver the letter to. I intend to deliver it in person to a few Members of Congress later this month. Read the letter or sign-on here.

We’re also starting up two letters, one supporting and one opposing, for HR 1913

, a hate-crimes bill that recently passed the House. Writers will have three weeks to write, mix, and rate letters. Then we’ll turn the top rated letter on each side into a petition as with the HR 45 letter, and after a period of time will deliver them in person to Members of Congress. Choose a letter to join in: Support | Oppose.

Thanks to everyone who participated! And thanks to for creating the letter writing tool.