Tracking Stimulus Bill Changes

Congress is fiercely debating the latest economic recovery legislation,

: and at 700 pages (that’s like $1 billion per page!) you should be coming straight to GovTrack for the most advanced tools to read the bill. Here’s a


Also check out the site

for more ways to read the bill.If you find the comparison on GovTrack useful, keep in mind that it’s possible only because of data transparency — the fact that Congress shares with the public legislative data that outside websites like GovTrack can turn into useful new tools. But don’t think that the best has already come. Better data transparency will bring even more powerful tools for examining the legislative process.



  1. It will be critical to track this bill. Supporters will want to know the pressures of nasty bits being injected or important measures being removed. Vice versa for detractors.


  2. I just found you guys and am very impressed with your site and the group letter concerning H.R. 45 was outstanding. I plan to tell my other fellow AMERICANS all about your site.

    Nice Job



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