Site outages and status

If you’ve used GovTrack at all lately, you’ve probably noticed the chronic outages that have grown considerably worse over the last few months as traffic has increased (with some 8,000 people visiting daily now). There have been a few independent problems. One was a software bug (it wasn’t my fault!) that I believe I fixed today, and so the outages should pretty much clear up. Another issue was that the machine running this site simply couldn’t keep up with all of the new traffic, and so today I’ve bought a newer and faster server. Over the next few weeks I’ll move the site to its new home, and hopefully you won’t notice the change, except that everything will hopefully be speedier by the time Congress returns from its summer break.

Actually, I do expect that there will be a week when accounts on this site will be locked — you won’t be able to log in and add or remove monitors or change email settings. Apologies in advance for that.