Sharing, Collaborating, and Benefiting

Now that GovTrack is pretty much functionally complete, I’m shifting my focus to how websites with similar goals as GovTrack can

share data, collaborate, and generally benefit from each other.

This is

partly what we’ve been talking about on the GovTrack mail list regarding making the

California-level data compatible in some sense with GovTrack’s data.

Hopefully in the next few weeks there will be a new website that will be

a place for a community about this to develop.  Once the website is up,
I’m going to start bringing in other people interested in hacking out an

RDF data model for political information, and then we’ll start to decide
on the specifics of the data model (e.g. how to assign IDs to politicians).  
And from there, a semantic web of political information could start to

form.  That’ll be pretty neat.